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" Towards Industry 4.0 and 100% Green Technology"
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Alarm Annunciator and Lamp Cabinet
Real-time monitoring to ensure optimal operation and safety
It is capable of being installed in different sectors such as electricity generator station for monitoring the operations and is used as indicators for abnormal events.
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Microcontroller Embedded with Pluggable Technology
High Speed Low Power Microcontroller with Pluggable Technology for all terminals
Microprocessor includes High Speed Low Power 28/40 pin 8 Bit C MOS Flash EEPROM Microcontroller operating with a wide range of operating voltage from 2.0V to 5.5V, a current rating of 25mA, energy saving sleep mode with watchdog timer (WDT) and chip RC oscillator. Pluggable Technology is adapted to make all parts serviceable, which include the Terminal Block.
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A Wide Range of Model Available
Customized to Customer's Requirements.
These units are manufactured in a range of model to suit the client's application. The user has the option to choose the desired specifications on individual models according to their own requirements. DatmelTech Annunciator comes with standard integral models of minimum 12 windows in multiple of 2 windows, 15 windows in multiples of 2 windows and 16 windows in multiples of 2 windows to suit customers' needs with or without Built-in Push Button, Buzzer, Group Selection Trip / Non Trip and Self-Surveillance Watchdog.
Available Model Configurations
Model Number The First number indicates the numbers of Active Window
14W WPB 14 Windows With Inbuilt Push Button and Watchdog
30W WOPB 30 Windows Without Inbuilt Push Button and Watchdog
/ BB With In Built Buzzer
/ RR With Repeat Relay Facilities
/ WG With Grouping Selection Dip Switch
/ IO With IO Selection Dip Switch
Lamp Cabinet Window Dimension and Cut Out Details
Voltage Supply Number of Windows Overall Dimension Height (H) × Width (W) × Depth (D) mm Cutout Dimension Height (H) × Width (W) mm
>12/24 VDC
>48/60 VDC
>110 VDC
10 201.3 × 95.0 × 70.0 181.0 × 73.0
20 201.3 × 165.0 × 70.0 181.0 × 143.0
30 201.3 × 233.0 × 70.0 181.0 × 211.0
40 201.3 × 278.0 × 70.0 181.0 × 279.0
Optional Features
  • NO/NC Input Configuration Selection.
  • Grouping Relay 1 and 2 (Trip / Untrip)
  • Non Standard Operation Sequence.
  • Repeat Relay for parallel annunciation.
  • Push Button built-in Buzzer (4kHz at 90dB, 10cm) with Watchdog Green LED.
  • Additional contact.
Technical Specification
Name Value / Description Unit
Supply Voltage Wide Band Dual Voltage AC/DC
90 - 270 + 10% - 15%
25 - 60 + 10% - 15%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Sleep Mode @ 240VAC 53 mA
Sleep Mode @ 110VDC 100 mA
Output Interrogation Voltage +12 VDC
Annunciation Failure Relay OPTO Isolated
Contact Rating (Resistive) 5 A
240 VDC
Response Time 15 ± 10 msec
Rated Specification
Name Value / Description Unit
Isolation OPTO Coupler with filter protection against surge 2kV, 60Hz, 1min in compliance IEC 255.4
Surge Immunity IEC 51000-4-5:1995
Relative Humidity 0 to 95 (RH consideration) %
Storage Temperature -20 to 80 °C
Operating Temperature -20 to 60 °C
Protection Class Facia (Window) IP41
Enclosure IP30
Compliance Immunity IEC 60255-5:2000
IEC 60068-2-31:1982
IEC 60068-2-32:1982
IEC 60068-2-38:2009
Name Decscription
Push Button Capsule Membrane type with Watchdog Green LED
Control Push Buttons for Test, mute, Acknowledge and Reset function
Window Color White
Window Size 32 × 32 mm (Individual Replaceable)
Legends Laser printed on film / Tracing paper, Low relief engraving
Inscription 5 lines, 4mm letter size with 55 Alphabets
Flash Rate Fast: 60 Flashes per min
Slow: 60 Flashes per min
Control Attended / Unattended
Annunciation Failure Contact
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