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" Towards Industry 4.0 and 100% Green Technology"
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Introducing Malaysia First On-street parking system with Dual payment system
Payment using Prepaid Datmel card /TnG and Datmel Mobile App
After 10 years of research and development, Datmel Technology Sdn Bhd has invented a new on-street parking payment system that is easy, fast and convenient for users and management. This system offers an effortless and cost effective solution that will 100% guarantee no parking summons, no faulty terminals and efficient management of the parking system. Furthermore, Datmel’s parking access terminals are eco-friendly with no paper, no cash and powered by solar energy. The terminals are placed at popular locations and landmarks. So, there is no need to walk far to make payment!!!
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Super Fast 5 secs Easy and Fast Payment Process
Efficient and Easy Enforcement
DatmelTech’s Smart parking system allows users to use prepaid cards and also mobile app. Mobile app can be downloaded from Google Playstore and Apple store from August 2018 onwards. Datmel Smart Prepaid cards and can easily be reloaded at any nearby shop in the parking area. The payment procedure for parking car is less than 5 secs!!! which does not disrupt the routine of busy working individuals. Datmel Smard cards will be launched in August 2018 while Touch n Go cards will be implemented in October 2018.
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Cashless, Paperless and Green
100% Green and Cashless System & 100% Malaysian Made Product using Green/Solar Energy
DatmelTech’s Smart parking system incorporates all the latest technologies of Industry 4.0 which include Internet of things, Cloud computing, remote monitoring, NFC/RFID technology and renewable energies. Most importantly, Datmel’s system is 100% cashless and paperless to ensure no wastage of paper.
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Efficient and cost-effective Enforcement
24/7 Monitoring through cloud data server. Ensuring no downtime at any instance.
With the use of Datmel parking access terminals are very low cost compared to imported meters and terminals currently available in the market. Parking operators require 50% less enforcement officers and 80% less maintenance workers. Parking operators can access each terminal status remotely to ensure NO downtime at any instance. Each terminal status is updated to the cloud every 5 minutes. Parking operators are able to view summons live online and also track the progress of enforcement officers.
Parking Access Terminal Specification
Name Description
Color Yellow with white display case. Customizable to any color.
Solar Panel 10W. Up to 50W.
Battery 12V rechargeable battery.
Battery Capacity 5Ah - 45Ah
Battery Life Up to 1 week without solar charging
Display 3 inches full color LCD graphic display
Card Reader 3 inches full color LCD graphic display
Communication GSM / HSPA
Keypad 9 digit numeric keypad with OK and Back keys
Reload Mobile App Credits using Internet Banking (FPX)
Compatible with Touch and Go Cards
Using Datmel Parking Access Terminal
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Application Steps for Datmel Card
  1. Go to any shop or booth with Datmel Parking logo
  2. Register card with Name, IC/Passport No, Address, Mobile no, email.
  3. Load Datmel Card with cash
  4. Datmel Card can be used instantly
Registeration Steps for Mobile App
  1. Purchase and register Datmel Card
  2. Download Datmel Parking mobile app from Google Play Sore or Apple Store
  3. Load Datmel Card with cash
  4. For first time, key in mobile no and Datmel Card No.
  5. Wait for OTP Code to be sent to mobile and key in code
  6. Datmel Parking app can be used
How to pay your parking fees?
Payment Steps for Prepaid Card
    To Pay:
  1. Check Bay No.
  2. Approach Any terminal
  3. Press OK button on terminal
  4. Key in Bay No.
  5. Scan Datmel Card when requested in less than 5 secs (minimum card balance of RM10 needed)
  6. Remove card when Beep sound heard (less than 5 secs)
  7. Payment Completed
    When Leaving:
  1. Approach any terminal
  2. Press OK button on the terminal
  3. Scan Datmel Card
  4. Wait for beep then remove card
  5. Un-parked money returned to card.
Payment Steps for Mobile App
  1. Park car
  2. Click on Datmel Parking mobile app
  3. Choose Parking Location
  4. Click Pay
  5. 15 mins before parking expiry, notification will be sent to mobile.
  6. Add additional parking time on mobile app
How to reload your card?
For Prepaid Card
Reload at any shop with Datmel Parking Logo.
For Mobile Apps
    Reload app tokens using Datmel Card in any shop with Datmel Parking Logo (1 token = RM0.30)
Reload Mobile App Credits using Internet Banking (FPX)
Compatible with Touch and Go Cards
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